Average: Chronicles of a PhD


I am a Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology. I am a student of the human mind and behaviour. Over the past four and half years, my friends and I, have had countless conversations that ended with some variation of “we should blog about this”. These conversations included frustrations and triumph of research, challenges and successes with clients, and ways in which our type A personalities impact our lives and those in it. I’ve decided to step up to the challenge and share these stories with you. If this blog fails, at least my experiences will be well documented in a time consuming journal without the perks of confidentiality.

I want to link my experiences, and those of my friends, to what academics have discovered about human behaviour. I hope that you will learn, think, and laugh while reading this blog. Much of what I’ll write will be opinions, ideas, and food for thought.


The use of a statistical term and logo is merely a coincidence. I will not pretend for a breath that I am a stasty. In fact, as you’ll find out soon enough, in my first semester in Graduate School, I spent more time talking about laundry with my friend than actually doing any stats. I struggled in stats.

Hopefully, the use of the past tense made you believe I don’t struggle anymore.

In the normal distribution, the average corresponds to the highest peak on the curve (not because it’s the highest value, but because the most people are there). The view from the top can be beautiful, emotional, funny, breath taking, and scary. There is clarity at the top. What is so wrong with being at the peak?


In “Average: Chronicles of a Phd” I hope to illustrate life of a Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology from the perspective of the Average: from the top. My experiences (and those of my friends) are typically consistent with the norm but on some occasions, they are clear outliers.

Your comments and suggestions will feed my writing – if there is a topic, anecdote, or story you would like me to write about, please let me know. I don’t live in a vacuum, and I want this blog to reflect our environment and experiences.

Averagely yours,

Rana, The Candidate.


Note to the Reader
I decided to write this blog to share highs and lows of my experiences to laugh about and reflect on my experiences. I will be true in reporting events within the limits of my memory. Unless people are warned ahead of time, I won’t use real names and change details to ensure confidentiality. Please remember that the blog posts are based on my experience, hence they are inherently subjective. Whenever I can, I will link my stories to research – so bear with me as I figure out the contents of the blog! I will figure it out as I go, and hopefully with your help.



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