the chronicles


Average: Chronicles of a PhD is a agglomeration of ideas, experiences, and hopes. I started this blog to share highs and lows of my experiences: to  laugh about them and reflect on them. I will be true in reporting events within the limits of my memory. Unless people are warned ahead of time, I won’t use real names and I will change details to ensure confidentiality. Please remember that the blog posts are based on my experience, hence they are inherently subjective.


When relevant, I will link my stories to research. When I do so, I will provide references either in text, at the end of it the text, or through a link.


I will figure it out as I go, and hopefully with your help.

Averagely yours,



the candidate




2 thoughts on “the chronicles

  1. Hey Rana! We went to IRM together and I’m glad to see that your doing your PhD in psychology! You’re interesting to read! I’m actually a psychoéducatrice and i’m working in a developpemental clinic !

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